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Letter to the editor
Cut county spending, dont raise taxes
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Forsyth County News
I am currently deployed in Iraq, and I was appalled when I saw on Forsyth County’s Web site the proposed FY2011 budget and the resulting mil increase. The FY2010 budget was approxately $79 million vs the proposed FY2011 of $93.63 million, a $13 million or a 18.52 percent budget increase during a recession?

The current projected revenues (without mil increase for FY2011) about $80M or about 1.6%percent more than FY2010 anticipated revenues. The bulk of the increase is for the M&O budget.

The sheriffs department wants to buy 22 Crown Victorias. Can’t we downscale a little here sherrif? The parks department wants to hire four more people, costing $175,000, Can’t you guys over there get away with maybe two additional people. Senoir services: six new people costing $300,000. Just cutting these few areas you could save over $500,000. What else is lurking in these budgets that need review?

Bradly Jones