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Letter to the editor
Nothing lavish about this benefit
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Forsyth County News
Wow! One individual letter to the editor sparks a knee-jerk reaction in the Sheriff’s Department. I am referring to the letter regarding officers that live outside the county and are provided county cars. According to the letter, providing a county car is a “lavish benefit.” What constitutes a “lavish benefit?”

My husband has been an employee of Forsyth County Sheriffs Department for more than 12 years He is dedicated, hard-working man of great integrity. I say these things not because he is my husband but because that is just who he is. He has earned such a benefit, as I am sure others in the department have. County employees have seen plenty of cuts in compensation and benefits already. We personally have seen nearly a 26 percent loss of benefits and compensation in the past two years.

When the Board of Commissioners decided to no longer make the additional 5 percent match in 401(k) contributions it affected the senior personnel. These are the long-timers. These are people who have spent much of their lives being dedicated employees of the Sheriff’s Department and servants of the community, and this is how we reward them. How do you think that affects morale?

The budget for training our officers has been cut in half and the department is telling everyone no more overtime. Is that what you want as a community? Maybe an investigator has a lead on a case involving sexual abuse of a child but following up on that lead will have to wait because he/she already put his/her eight hours in for the day.

We lived in Forsyth County for a few years. We owned a home and paid taxes there. I understand that residents do not want to see an increase in the millage rate, but let me put it in prospective for you If the average home in Forsyth costs $225,000, increasing the millage rate by even 3 mills would only increase property tax on that house by $22.50 a month. That is a small price to pay per household with great benefits to the county.

As to the writer’s argument that someone equally qualified and experienced probably lives closer, I say maybe, but maybe not. No one is irreplaceable, but some are harder than others to replace. If we trust Ted Paxton enough to elect him, then we should trust him to determine if a benefit he extends to an employee is “lavish” or not!

Michelle Allen