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Letter to the editor
Why Republicans vote like they do
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Forsyth County News
Last Sunday’s Forsyth County News was filled with comments that beg the questions of why Forsyth County is so conservative and supportive of the Republican Party.

These are fair questions, so it is only charitable to let lonely Democrats in our community know why we vote like we do.

Most Forsyth County residents vote Republican because we are in the shrinking number of citizens who pay more taxes than we get back.

We are business owners and professionals that have to make the hard decisions of letting people go or cutting benefits because somebody in Washington, D.C., tells us we have to insure our employees’ kids to age 26.

We vote Republican because we worked hard to get where we are and we don’t like people trying to make us feel guilty for building up successful businesses that create jobs and generate taxes.

We vote Republican because we believe religion that doesn’t shape our family, work and political decisions is worthless.

Most of us believe Jesus is who He says He is and that He meant it when He said, “No one comes to the Father except through me.” That’s not “Taliban-like rigidity in thinking,” but rather taking religion seriously.

We vote Republican because we believe the American form of government is not co-equal with other forms of government. We’ve seen that socialism in other countries has produced a lower standard of living and substandard health care.

We believe government is necessary, but it’s not a good idea to give it responsibilities private citizens can take care of on our own.

We vote Republican because we don’t like people moving here to enjoy low taxes, low crime rates and good schools created by conservative policies, then making fun of our accents and saying elitist things like, “I can’t believe these people are ‘college-educated business professionals working in a nationally known company.’”

We are also suspect of people that tell us to not listen to our preachers.

We vote Republican because we like our air conditioners, cars and homes in the suburbs. We also like it when liberals tell us to stop using them, because we know that’s just crazy talk and makes it easier for Republicans to win elections.

We’d love to have you come around to our way of thinking. If not, that’s OK, but be aware we are doing everything we can to beat you at the ballot box.

Ethan Underwood