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Letter to the editor
Is the melting pot melting selectively?
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Forsyth County News
“America is a nation of immigrants.” The supporters of the amnesty for illegal immigrants repeat that good old saying day and night.

Somehow, they have dismissed the gaping difference between the meanings of the words legal and illegal.

In the same breath, they demand for the illegal immigrants all advantages and rights which are granted to the citizens of this country.

Not only that. The English language should be, according to these “angels of compassion” (I call them buyers of election votes), optional.

English, which has been very instrumental as a common language for all newcomers who, until recently, embraced their existence in the famous melting pot as Americans.

Is it difficult to learn English? You bet it is.

Take it from the refugee from Czechoslovakia who has found a new home in the USA after the Russian occupation in 1968.

This country has graciously adopted me. I have returned the favor by adopting her.

It has never crossed my mind that my child should be offered a bilingual education at the public school or I should demand signs like “No swimming” or “Be careful crossing this street” be written in my native Czech.

The name “American” has acquired many adjectives: African American, Hispanic American, male American, female American. It is as someone wants to see us divided and is pitting us against one another to bring this country down.

The melting pot, which used to bring all Americans together, has become unacceptable and politically incorrect.

Which American icon is going to be the next victim of the new, aggressive religion of political correctness? Fourth of July? Don’t rule that out ...

Peter Motyka