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Letter to the editor
Explore options for animal shelter
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Forsyth County News
I read the article about the Forsyth County animal shelter with some interest. I for one will have no problem paying a little extra for my dog’s rabies shot if it means Forsyth County will finally have its own shelter. I would not want to pay additional funds to maintain the current arrangement and be at the mercy of Dr. Orr, who could back out or jack the rates again.

I am not surprised at the comments of commissioner Bell, the prospect of a revenue stream without earmarks is just what they would like to have, for some pet project.

Commissioner Laughinghouse has the right plan. The only way to control cost is to run your own facility. The county has already decided to open the facility, they just need to stay the course and build and staff the animal shelter. You couldn’t ask for a better time than now with the state of the economy.

I bet with a search they could find an empty building and do a short-term lease using the funds being paid to Dr. Orr.  If the temporary operation is fiscally sound then the county could save money for a future building without a bond or borrowing.

I would like to remind the commissioner that pet owners cross all political boundaries. We feel proper facilities and well run spay and neuter programs are the best tools to reduce the need for shelters. The best way to insure good service is a staff dedicated to running a shelter, not running a veterinarian business full time and a shelter part time.  

Sanford Love