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Letter to the editor
Call to jury duty a terrible experience
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Forsyth County News

I had the unfortunate task of reporting for jury duty in Forsyth County today.  What a fiasco. 

I needed to report at 8:30.  Was placed in a room with hundreds of other prospective jury members.  I was in that room until about noon when I was taken over to the courthouse.  Again waited there until 1:30.  No lunch!  Then told I would have to call after 5:30 to see if I needed to report on another day. 
I am a physician assistant in a the ER, was not told I would need a week out of my schedule.  Only notified two weeks before I needed to be on jury duty.  I then asked to speak to the judge, and felt as though I was a criminal. 

I realize it is our civic duty to serve, and by all means I will serve, but as a public servant, I feel we should not be treated as if we were the people on trial.  Have served on jury duty in other counties in the state, and they have all been great experiences.  I think Forsyth County has a long ways to go.  I was not compensated for the day either.  Did not receive a check, and spent the entire day in the court house.  I will certainly be much more careful the next time I vote for the clerk of courts.  Doing my civic duty.   

Randy Jackson