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Letter to the editor
Too many questions about planned jail
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Forsyth County News

I am voting ‘no’ on the jail proposal because we, the taxpayers, are not being told enough information about the jail.  I cannot afford another increase in my property taxes for years to come for an expensive jail in this economy. I urge people to vote no on the jail proposal on the November ballot.

Property taxes have already risen, and I am not willing to have to pay even more every year to fund a jail right now.  Some questions that seem to be left unanswered are those that follow:

 How much did we already spend on drawings and blueprints?

 How much did Hall county and other counties spend on their jail?

 What is the plan for expansion and is it  clearly defined?

 What will be the average cost yearly to the average homeowner of a $300,000 home.  Will this be a one time cost or not?

 What is cost of jail operation in terms of manpower and operations?

 What level is the prison, meaning what type of prisoners?

 Has an Environmental Impact Analysis been done?

 Has there ever been a site selection committee involved in the process before this site was chosen?

 In this economy, the politicians need to understand that the people should be part of the decision making process and not pitch a proposal after the fact.   This is not the right time, nor the right location for a detention center.
Terry Baradine