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Letter to the editor
NOW finally showing its true colors
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Forsyth County News


This month the National Organization for Women took its final step into irrelevance. As Meg Whitman, gubernatorial  candidate in California, was called a derogatory name by someone in her opponent’s camp, the organization had a hard time figuring out how not to support  the woman who had been wronged.

In the scheme of things, it probably isn’t a very big deal that Ms. Whitman was called a name. but it sure spoke to NOW’s agenda. In the ‘70s their slogan “A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle” resonated with me and my friends. If anyone dared call us a girl we, and the organization, were indignant and just burned more bras. This month, just hours after the incident, NOW in California endorsed Jerry Brown for governor. 

Now we get it. This organization is not about equal rights for women. If you are a conservative woman, all bets are off and you are on your own. It’s not a surprise at this point. Just a few weeks ago the organization, along with President Obama’s own Organizing for America, participated in a march on the mall in Washington, D.C. They marched in lockstep with hundreds of leftist organizations including the Young Communist League, Communist Party USA and the Students for a Democratic Society. 
They have stood silent while conservative women are denigrated in the press in a very personal way. 

What they miss is that they are behind the times. The rallies and protests of the 1970s have advanced the power of women in the country. We can thank NOW for some of that. But just as the progressives would like to move past the constitution, women in the country have moved past NOW. We figured out that we aren’t like fish and bicycles. Our families gain strength by keeping our men in them. Our bras keep our breasts from reaching our knees in 30 years. And we are only free to be you and me when we are free to be conservatives and liberals.

Susan Potter