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Letter to the editor
Slow down a little, bicyclist not so bad
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Forsyth County News


This is a diddy about a bunch of old biddies always in a hurry.

Born when a bicycle was built for two, they now want to run over you.

With their car!

Just as this “diddy” doesn’t rhyme, neither do the [letters to the editor] by Buice, Hamby and Doyer about cyclists using our roads.

Apparently these three women agree that their action packed day is repeatedly disturbed by people riding expensive bicycles with funny “hats.” Let’s see, a line of cyclists takes up a three foot swatch and probably stretches about 25 feet. They can actually impede your trip to the knitting circle for about 60 seconds. My goodness, hopefully you’re not too late to talk about Doris behind her back while she recuperates from her gallbladder surgery; bless her heart.

Maybe McDonald’s should create an “old biddy” lane for people such as you that pay all those taxes and are so really important.
You could even order the “old biddy burger:” raw meat on a “half baked” bun for those in a real hurry.

Ladies, just as ridiculous as the “diddy,” so is your argument against cyclists using our roads. If you really think about it, the amount of time they “interrupt” our day is minimal. If they happen to slow us down for just one minute, smell the roses.
Although I don’t ride anymore (circa 1949 here), I know plenty who do. They generally make above average incomes (expensive bikes and funny hats cost lots of money) and pay above average taxes. Some even own gas guzzling vehicles which means they probably also pay a lot of road taxes.

Yes there are many new paths and trails in the county. These venues are actually designed for you to ride or walk a short distance with your granddaughter on her new bike, leisurely stroll with your husband and discuss the day’s events or get a jog in before dinner; a place to relax.

So the next time you see a line of cyclists up ahead, just think of them as a parade. Everyone loves a parade. And don’t worry, Doris doesn’t get out of the hospital until Tuesday, there’ll be plenty of time to talk about her.

Jack McCarthy