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Letter to the editor
Political candidates are all the same
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Forsyth County News


Have you ever seen twins so identical that you could not tell the difference? I have, and this brings us to politics.

The two governor candidates have no real agenda except getting elected, and they have done a lot of mudslinging. The candidates promise to fix education, transportation, healthcare, water, immigration, and unemployment. They don’t tell us how and at what cost it will be to citizens.

If I remember, that is just what our present governor promised us, and look what happened. Education was cut by millions of dollars, transportation is broke and has to look at private funding. With healthcare, the state is suing the federal government with the money going to waste. The water war with Alabama and Florida is ongoing and costing a lot of money, but I can’t blame Georgia for defending our water that belongs to us. Immigration is mostly in the feds’ hands, and anything the state does will be overturned. Unemployment is a promise that any governor cannot do much about on his own. The unemployed people are probably around the 20 percent bracket, which amounts to twice what the government says. I personally think they are fibbing.

The people of this state need jobs, not promises, and they need them now. Turn to companies that are making all these billions of dollars and ask them to quit pigeonholing the money and put people to work, which will help everyone.

It would be amazing what could be done with the funds that all the people running for office waste to get elected. Feeding the people and putting them to work comes to mind. But you and I know this will never happen.

Money in a man’s hand makes him think he is superior and powerful, but he will have to answer to the Lord sooner than he thinks. God bless.

Sid Barfield