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Letter to the editor
Keep Sunday hours for Central Park
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Forsyth County News


It was with much concern and disappointment when I read the new hours for Central Park Rec Center. Closing on Sundays would save some money, but at what cost? Basketball courts are always in use as well as the fitness room and track. The young adults are not only refining their athletic skills but also learning how to work as a team with people they may not even know.

They are honing their social skills not only with people of all ages but of many economic, social and ethnic backgrounds and they are doing a great job. By closing on Sundays the rec center is also denying the many, many older citizens (and younger ones) that come to a facility that is not too hot or cold, has no hills to worry about, and is well lit. But most of all it is a place that is safe and secure.

The people that use the courts, the track and weight area are there to improve their quality of life. Don’t take that away. And voters out there remember how your commissioner voted or votes, the next time they may take something of value away from you!

David Nevins