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Letter to the editor
Voice of experience says beware of socialism
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Forsyth County News


Escaping the red paradise of socialism, I came to this country as a political refugee from then communist Czechoslovakia in 1970. America has offered to me — and I gladly accepted — the life in freedom unspoiled by fear. The fear was the dominant feeling of the people in my old country. Unfortunately, that feeling of fear is emerging again after 40 years of my life in the United States. . .

One of the worst sins of socialism was that the leftist media, controlled by the government, daily shoved down the throat of the ordinary people the “Big Lie” of the classless society. The lie from the mouths of apparatchiks and their collaborators in media came to be truth for the ignorant. Those who were governing by the use of the Big Lie of socialism were counting on ignorance, stupidity, and fear of the ordinary folks.

The scenario of socialism in which I lived for 30 years of my life is emerging again. No, the Big Lie isn’t coming from some communist politbyro or Kremlin; this time it is coming from the White House. All false promises of the last presidential campaign have been dropped overboard or conveniently forgotten. The will of majority so overwhelmingly expressed in last year’s elections is arrogantly ignored. The countless regulations tie up growth of our business; interference of the government in all aspects of our lives reaches everywhere— the socialized medicine being the most visible example of the unwelcome turn to the left.

The best minds of the liberal left are being used on inventing the most effective tactics of scarring those who are vulnerable. Those who have become used to being pampered by the welfare state don’t have to be further manipulated — they have accepted their life in dependency and will always cast their vote for their own securities of the life in the cage.

This country has always found its way confronting adversity. This is another moment in our history to make a hard choice. The mishaps of the recent past, mainly brainless spending, must come to the end. A possibility of shutting down the government instead of continuing on the way to certain destruction is in the hands of our Congress. I just hope that our representatives will fulfill their obligation given to them in the last year’s elections, even if that means above mentioned shuting down the government.

I have already lost one country to the Big Lie of socialism. I dont want to lose this one, too.

Peter Motyka