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Letter to the editor
Senior center should not be taxpayer-supported
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Forsyth County News


With due respect for “seniors,” and ignoring the convoluted explanation about what to name the facility, (FCN 9/25/11, “Facility to Open …”) I question why taxpayers should fund: “ … take hikes, go dancing, travel, swim, socialize and more; More apparently meaning: “art room, computer lab, library, fitness room and great room” for old people.

Really, people who have lived 50-plus years can surely figure these things out on their own without county money.

For those old people who are physically, mentally and/or economically challenged — on the same page of the FCN there is an article about a church that is begging to be of service to the needy. (Except, probably for dancing.) Now ask yourself: Is it right to ask a 20- to 40-year-old who is struggling to raise a family in today’s environment to help fund these activities for a special group of people?

Bob Tuttle