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Letter to the editor
Don't use taxpayers for more benefits
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Forsyth County News


I have lived in Forsyth County for a number of years now and have not felt the need to communicate with county commissioners because I have thought that they have basically performed a good service to the community. However, the most recent report of their intent to extend health care benefits to elected officials after their term until they are eligible for Medicare is most disturbing.

First, the cost for such a program, as projected by the most simplistic of models including conservative estimates of health care costs, will increase exponentially in a very short period of time.

Second, and more importantly though is the principle behind such a self-serving give-away program at the expense of the taxpayers of Forsyth County. To the elected officials in question, let me ask some questions:

How many of you are overweight?

How many of you have a regular cardiovascular exercise program?

How many of you smoke?

How many of you have a diet that includes fruits, vegetables and nuts on a regular basis?

In short, how many of you proactively manage your own personal health care?

I would venture that the answer is “not many” yet you want the taxpayers to shoulder the costs of your irresponsibility with regard to your personal health.

With all that is going on in this country, the financial catastrophes created by such give-away programs voted in at the federal and state levels, the fact that a preliminary vote of such a proposal passed 4-1 is beyond unbelievable. Not to diminish Commissioner Boff’s nay, but the mere suggestion of such an idea should be grounds for impeachment.

As a resident and taxpayer of Forsyth County, I look to your board for leadership for the good of the people of this county and the betterment of the county as a whole. We need leaders that stand for self sufficiency and set examples for the same rather than voting in self-serving give-away programs that do neither.

Why not consider extending the county’s health care program to families on unemployment? Would this not be more in line with the goal of a public servant?

I ask you to seriously reconsider this outrageous misuse of your power and set an example for elected officials to stand for self sufficiency, as does your constituency every day.

Larry Thacker