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Letter to the editor
Senior centers serve an important function
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Forsyth County News


I am writing in response to Bob Tuttle’s letter in the Sunday paper, letters to the editor.

I am a senior citizen of Forsyth County who does not attend a senior center, but I know that it is there if I should care to. I have seen the good work these people do for the seniors who need it and think it is a service needed for our older Americans. These centers are filled with people who have no money and little family to care if they live or die. There are also many who are well off but need the companionship.

Young people for the most part ignore the older generation who raised them, and whose taxes built this county. I am glad the county sees this need and helps fill it with some place they can go for help or friendship. Not everyone can afford to go on trips or play games. There are those who would not have a meal if the senior center did not provide it.

There is no other place these people can go for help. Most churches provide some help but they cannot concentrate on the older generation.

Clemma Wilson