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Letter to the editor
Seek help to avoid suicide
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Forsyth County News

Sadly, all ages — pre-teens, teenagers and adults — are using suicide as an answer to their problems.

As a family member that has been touched by the suicide of a loved one, I have seen and felt the sadness, anger and total helplessness that we who are left behind feel each day. I pray that anyone who has or is contemplating such a tragic solution will read this, or a loved one will sit down and discuss this letter with you.

There are times when it appears that all light, all answers, all strength is quickly fading, all hope is draining out of our lives and we can do nothing to stop it. It is a time when we feel that we are at an impasse and do not know what to do or where to go. We think that we cannot go one step farther. We think that no one cares and the Lord has abandoned us.

The situation for each of us might be different: a broken marriage, financial issues, loneliness, failure, deep emotional wounds, rejection at the hands of those we love.

Whatever the situation, we feel alone, unnoticed, helpless.

Sometimes, in all of our efforts to control life and to accomplish our goals, we think our success depends on ourselves. We think happiness can be only found through ourselves or others.

But God does loves us. Without Him, we have no hope and no ability to live in this world with a peace that passes all understanding.

With Him, we find a peace, beauty and mercy we could not have had by seeking to provide it ourselves. He wants to be close to us, to whisper His love and goodness and purposes into our ears. But sometimes, He must stop us in our tracks to make us be silent, to make us sit still so that we will focus on Him.

Remember that you are loved and your life is important and affects others in ways you may never know. Sadly, your death will affect others also in ways you cannot imagine. No matter how hopeless things seem to you, nothing is impossible for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God loves you and your life matters to Him.

No matter what you are going through seek out trusted loved ones to talk to. But most importantly, talk to God. He is always there for you, loving you and willing to listen.

Christ is the answer.


Terry Strickland