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Letter to the editor
School rezoning not a good move
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Forsyth County News


Regarding the article, “School board reviews redistricting feedback,” by Ms. Ledford, published Nov. 6, the Forsyth County B.O.E. is continuing to discuss redistricting in order to populate Central High. I disagree with this new plan and the proposed changes. My three main reasons are: the menacing curves in the road to Central, the distance from some neighborhoods to Central, and loss of established fellow staff and student relationships.

There are going to be many new young drivers on the road like myself. I hate to admit it, but I would not want new teenage drivers maneuvering past an elementary school, through Kelly Mill Road on their way to high school. The road to Central from Ashebrooke subdivision is full of curves, cramped and laden with drop-offs. This could be very dangerous to teen drivers and kids waiting at their bus stops. The Ashebrooke students should remain in the West district. The mileage difference is approximately 1.3 miles to West versus 7.8 miles to Central. We can literally look out our window and see stadium lights and hear the Friday night football crowds.
Countless parents, kids, and teachers are discouraged by redistricting. Board member Nancy Roche, mentioned, “we’ll look at every one of these suggestions.” Hopefully the board members are reading what is written.

Neighbors say school is the one place some students find consistency, reliability, and stability. Logistically, if separated, they will lose contact. Residents of Ashebrooke are placing their homes up for sale in anticipation of possible loss. The board may be reading letters, hearing concerns. Are they really listening? Do they truly understand and sympathize with the kids and the anxiety they are experiencing? I kindly and respectfully ask for your consideration in behalf of the students in this matter. Please do not disrupt the personal and academic growth of the kids.

Perhaps the magnet school concept is a smarter alternative. Students and parents would be attracted to Central instead of being forced there. It has been proven to function well in other cities that have had situations just like this.

Ellis Pullen