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Letter to the editor
Poor driving habits in evidence on roads
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Forsyth County News


I am hoping you will allow me to express my concern. I think people are forgetting how to drive.

Two issues I see most often are confusion at roundabouts and failing to use blinkers. I would like to remind everyone that roundabouts require you to yield to traffic already in the roundabout (aka the vehicle that might wreck into you). Find a gap in traffic and enter the circle. You can only go right in roundabouts. Keep an eye out for pedestrians.

As for blinkers, I am not sure when it happened, but apparently we do not use them anymore. I see close encounters daily that would not happen if we would remember to use our blinkers. It would be especially helpful on the days that my ESP is not working.

So let’s try harder to remember that we share these roads. Let’s obey the rules of the road, focus on our driving first, and get everyone to their destination safely.

Pamela Shepard