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Letter to the editor
'Alcohol pass' needed in local restaurants
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Forsyth County News


A Forsyth County paper article, “BOC makes a change to alcohol ordinance,” by Alyssa LaRenzie, published Nov. 6 in the “county government” section of the paper, especially caught my attention.

I, and I am sure many others in the community, disagree with the idea and proposal of a penalty for licensed alcohol-selling businesses that sell alcoholic beverages to underage or disallowed people.

Managers and owners of restaurants and businesses are not necessarily to blame for the sale of alcoholic beverages to the underaged for additional profit. It is rather the fault of the ones hired, and the managers and owners of these places often cannot control the actions of everyone under the business.

Strict rules and training as well as the punishment of being fired can be effective, but usually cannot be entirely controlled. Often, the underaged drinkers themselves cannot be prevented from attempting to purchase alcohol.

A strict rule that most probably will be more effective than the new alcohol ordinance law would be to require there be a separate “alcohol pass” or special menu card for alcohol, provided upon being seated if and only if the customer has a valid drinking license.
The penalty will be ineffective and unnecessary in making an improvement in society.

Anu Romesh