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Letter to the editor
Aquatic Center is a great asset to city
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The Aquatic Center rocks!

In Dick Custer’s letter last week, he says “to see our tax money in action, swing by the new aquatic center on Pilgrim Mill Road and count the cars in the parking lot.” I couldn’t decide if he meant it was a waste of money or not.   After thinking about it, the parking lot is pretty empty sometimes, but if you go inside, it’s packed.

Most parents either drop their kids off for swim team, or the kids carpool.  Either way, the swim team lanes are full.

When we moved up here from Fulton, the one thing I missed was a good place for my then 2-year-old twins to learn to swim. Now, we take out-of-town guests by the aquatic center to brag about how great it is up in Cumming.

Growing up in a swimming family, I would have loved to have such a wonderful facility to practice and host meets in.  

So don’t just count the cars in the parking lot -- go in. Sign your kids up for lessons or a team. Or go do a couple laps yourself in the adult practice lanes. It’s wonderful.

Amanda Wade