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Letter to the editor
Greenway great, but improvement possible
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Forsyth County News


It’s been two years now since the Forsyth Greenway opened for public use. As a frequent user, I have paid close attention as to how others use the greenway and how it is being maintained.  

Here are a few observations:

1. Way too many people bike without wearing helmets. With so much wood planking, it is especially slippery and treacherous when wet, frosty or covered with leaves. At low speeds even seasoned cyclists can easily take a violent spill. If it is wet outside, think twice about riding on the Forsyth Greenway until it dries. Go to Alpharetta instead, where the surface is mostly asphalt.

2. With cyclists, common sense says slow down when you approach others and always announce you are coming. Flying up onto people can make them uncomfortable. And slow way down when you hit the relatively blind spot under the Majors Road bridge.

3.  Don’t throw your used energy gel packs on the side of the trail. That’s called littering. There are dozens of trash cans along the entire way. The same goes for parents with little children. Tissues, wipes, snack wrappers, etc. need to find their way to the trash. And since the Hwy. 9 street crossing is a natural stopping point as people wait for the light, a trash can on each side of the road there would help.

4. All replacement decking planks should be screwed in. Nails will be popping up next spring, and the screws from the initial construction are coming up all over the place. Let your county officials know if you see those exposed screws. Perhaps if enough people report these hazards, there will be action before someone gets hurt.

5. There is a green mile marker at Union Hill Road that says McFarland Road is .9 of a mile from there. It’s really about 2 miles. Please fix the sign.

6. It is OK to smile or wave and say “hi” to other people. Most people out there are like you and me and not some menace to society. Spread a little good cheer, it will make you feel better.

I know many of us love our greenway and feel very fortunate and thankful that we have this wonderful amenity. We need to take care of it and use it properly so that our citizens can enjoy its recreational use for years to come.

Jeffrey Gelinas