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Letter to the editor
Aquatic center good use of SPLOST revenues
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Forsyth County News


In reply to [Dick Custer’s letter] regarding the number of cars in the aquatics center’s parking lot. Perhaps he should actually visit the aquatic center instead of complaining about it. It’s $10 million well spent.

For example, on Saturday, Nov. 12, every car parking space was full with spillover into the driver services lot because of the high school swim meet (many more events are planned in the coming weeks and months).

Every evening the car lot is full, with three successful swim teams using the pools, the swimming lessons are booked out, Zumba and aqua aerobics classes are full each week.

During the summer, the outdoor pool was full to capacity every day.

If this is an example of the SPLOST being put to use, then good for the city and county for the resourceful use of my taxes.

Leaving it up to people like [Custer], this city and county would still be a place only known for its checkered history and chickens.

Cumming and Forsyth is a better place to live because of SPLOST, great schools and great facilities for us all to enjoy.

Neil Stapley