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Letter to the editor
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Forsyth County News
Once again, we, the American people, are faced with the most important political task of trying to decide on whom to vote in our upcoming presidential elections.

Sadly though, with our nation facing one of the worst financial setbacks in the last 79 years, we’re left with only these two choices: McCain or Obama.

While both of these men bring something unique to the plate, different and better than what we’ve had for the last eight years, neither of them still seems to pocess the full and complete package we’re looking for. Unfortunately, they remain our two best options, and in a country such as ours, that’s still not quite good enough.

When will we, the American voting public, once again bring forth the cream of the crop, instead of always having to chose between the best of two evils. Maybe we have just relied upon the political cesspool for too long to be able to see the truth of our failures, choosing to believe whatever sounds the best, instead of demanding better in the first place.

Has our apathy and self esteem fallen to such a low standard, that we no longer believe in the phrase “We the people,” instead of we the sheep?

Of course, none of us should be so naive as to think that we ourselves are not at fault, for we have all greatly contributed to the failure of our banking system, by allowing them to turn us into a debtors’ nation. For we have all simply taken the me, me, me, syndrome to a greater height than ever before in history. Instead of realizing that we are all in it together for the long haul, not just the short term.

So, in spite of all the political analyzing and mumbo-jumbo, we listen to  these televised debates, while each candidate tries to convince us that their political campaign rhetoric is the best choice. Maybe both our time and money would be better spent demanding that our state and local legislators go back to the basics, and help rebuild from the foundation up.

But then again, if you’re one of the millions of Americans that don’t vote at all, then you probably already believe that your children’s future is just not worth it, and frankly, there’s nothing sadder than that!

Lance Lenahan