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Letter to the editor
Bad information on shale technology
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Forsyth County News


In reference to your article “Gingrich discusses energy, jobs” Wednesday Feb. 22, either Newt doesn’t know what he’s talking about or your reporter Jennifer Sami misrepresented Gingrich’s comments.

In discussing Newt assertion he can get gas down to $2.50/gallon, Ms. Sami wrote “The presidential hopeful said this can happen by relying on shale gas technology, which allows gasoline to be drawn from deep underground.”

Gasoline is a product refined from oil. “Fracking” shale provides access to natural gas and crude oil, but there is no gasoline down there.  

I’m assuming Newt is not this misinformed and the error is in the reporting. I only point this out to make sure no one reads your article and gets on the let’s drill for gasoline band wagon, because there is not one.

Scot Wakefield


Editor’s note: A tape recording of Mr. Gingrich’s remarks confirms that they were reported accurately in the story.