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Letter to the editor
Flap over office childish politics
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Forsyth County News
I guess I have two issues or statements concerning the article in the Oct. 10th Forsyth County News [about commissioners trying to force the chairman from his office space].

First, I think it is crazy that the Forsyth County News would report on this and it is very scary that the article would make the front page of the paper.

Second the commissioners are acting like children. It is like when you were young and playing ball in the yard. You get beat and you go home and take the ball with you. Mr. Richard, I guess you are mad that you lost the election and you are going to take it out on someone. 

My opinion is that all the commissioners in the county need to be replaced. Also, I don’t think any of the commissioners should have their own office. You are all part-time employees that seem to be worried about trivial matters instead of what needs to happen to make this county a better place to live. I think you should all be placed in one room with cubicles.

Kyle Holbrook