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Letter to the editor
Countywide districts are best
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Forsyth County News
Electing county commissioners by home district as opposed to electing them by entire county vote — a complicated issue.

The history of Forsyth County has been that many times we have had our five county Commissioners divided three to two on almost all votes.

The following example is what could happen if we change the way we elect commissioners:

Suppose you live in one of the districts represented by one of the two minority commissioners.

Suppose the other three majority commissioners vote together, and all the money spent on the good things (better roads, parks, etc.)  is spent in the three majority districts.

Suppose the two minority districts get none of the good, and all of the bad (no new roads, but the new county land fills, etc).

The people in the three majority districts are very happy and re-elect their three majority commissioners election after election.

The people in the two minority districts cannot vote against the three majority commissioners despite the fact that they are only serving their three districts, and letting the three minority districts suffer.

I like the system where all five commissioners must consider what is best for the entire county, instead of only what is best for their home district.

I believe the reason that all five commissioners try to make good decisions about the entire county now is that the entire county elects them.

It is human nature that politicians will try to please primarily the voters that elect them.

It is my opinion that all voters countywide should elect all five commissioners.

Richard Ward