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Letter to the editor
Countys tea party is on right track
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Forsyth County News

Yes Mr. Pritchett, many of us in the county are against the SPLOST tax and very sorry it passed. We voted for it year after year with no visible results. Our communities do a great job helping each other while the local government has a tax-and-spend policy. Also notice large payments to outside counselors for decisions that the elected should make. Common sense has disappeared, with importance taking its place.

The tea party is the best thing that’s happened all over this country. We are sponsoring honest, capable men and women with new ideas, and having success. Who knew that hundreds would gather at the gold dome to shout complaints, or the thousands from Georgia that went to the Capitol to rally against a government that no longer works for the people.

Anyone that does not understand this movement has their head buried in the sand (or money). This upcoming November election is our last cry for the enduring independence of the United States of America. Our Constitutional rights have been whittled down by government as to now be unrecognizable.

It seems there are now two Tea Parties in Forsyth, one with the Republican party, the other headed by Mr. Voshall. I have been to three meetings conducted by Mr. Voshall, all of which were for the purpose of informing citizens of the danger happening to the United States.

The first was a lecture from a guest that explained who and how this danger was among us. The next meeting, another guest speaker outlined document AGENDA 21, a very intense roadmap written to destroy this country. It is being carried out by Obama, with the guidance of George Soros, his czars and many followers; purpose being to destroy America and bring it into the U.N. The next meeting held was a forum for the sheriff’s candidates. All meetings were crowded.

The Constitution has granted freedom of speech and human freedom while upholding the rule of law.

The purpose of the tea parties is to restore and uphold American rights, freedom and laws.


 Jane McCarthy