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Letter to the editor
Legislators should take stand on water
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Forsyth County News

It appears we are making progress on the water issue, and that’s good. Certainly Georgia EPD will play a role in this. It is important that Sen. [Jack]  Murphy and Rep. [Mark] Hamilton let the voters know their position on water allocation by EPD to Forsyth County. Right now the “allocation” is 65 percent city versus 35 percent county.

We understand that in a recent meeting with EPD , Commissioners Jim Boff and Todd Levent, and three legislators, only Rep. Mike Dudgeon directly asked EPD to support Boff and Levent’s request that Forsyth County be granted water allocation equal to our needs – 65 percent. 

It is also understood that Sen. Murphy and Mark Hamilton apparently did not directly commit themselves to this position.

This letter is a request that both legislators Murphy and Hamilton publically state their positions by letter to Georgia EPD, with a copy to Forsyth County News. Please don’t use the complexity and history issues that Commissioner Tam tried as a non-answer at the town hall on water. The attendees overwhelmingly rejected Tam’s “issues” as phony, condescending and a non-answer.

The citizens know there are other factors involved. We are asking both of you if you will support the basic principle that the county be allocated at least 65 percent of the water.

If your response includes a series of factors and conditions that qualify your answer into a non-answer,  the voters will say, “ just politicians .” Let us find us someone who talks straight. Certainly if you have already committed to Boff and Levent’s position  with EPD, please send that along with a summary note stating your position.


Tony DeMaria

Forsyth Citizens

for Responsible Growth