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Letter to the editor
Enforce existing laws on lake
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Forsyth County News

My reaction upon reading your article of June 28 entitled “Fatal boat wreck in 1994 only changed laws slightly,” is to respond to Capt. Johnny Johnson of the DNR with these comments: I agree with Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle in saying the boating laws on the books and those that were changed, or added, as a result of the 1994 boat wreck are adequate, and we do not need any more laws; instead we need to enforce the laws we have.

To this end I will suggest to Capt. Johnson that he and the DNR get more of their bureaucrats out from behind their desks and make them earn their pay on our lakes and streams by enforcing our existing laws.

I can say, as a boater and homeowner on Lake Lanier, the lake is woefully under-patrolled. A single DNR crew could patrol in sight of my dock writing citations for boating violations all day (24 hours) long on summer weekends. The situation of inadequate law-enforcement on Lake Lanier is deplorable, and without it we are bound to see more fatalities and injuries.

William Byers