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Letter to the editor
Officials shouldn't offer their opinions
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Forsyth County News

School board member Ann Crowhhhh recently stated in the [Forsyth County News] she and the board did not support the charter school amendment that will be on the ballot in November. To me that is not only a personal opinion but as stated by the board, their opinion as well.

I feel any time she or any other board member speaks of this subject in public, to a civic club or any organized group, they are not speaking as a private citizen but as a school board member.

As I understand it, this is not to be done and is illegal. A private citizen is one thing but an elected board member is always an elected board member and speaking of anything to do with the school system is representative of the board itself.

Mrs. Crow and her husband are both valuable members and contributors to our community, but on this issue (speaking in public about it) I feel she is wrong and should be quiet about it. Don’t place yourself above the law.

Bill Hansford


Editor’s note: Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens has said that taxpayer resources cannot be used to oppose the amendment. Whether individual elected officials can offer personal opinions — as has happened on both sides — when doing so does not involve taxpayer funds is an issue that hasn’t really been resolved. Lawsuits over the role of school boards taking positions in opposition of charter schools are pending and have not been resolved in court.