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Letter to the editor
Election is over, time for leadership
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Forsyth County News

The vote is in and President Obama has won by a 50 percent to 48 percent margin. Does this mean that the American people have voted to continue his entitlement programs and the trend to a neo-socialized government similar to Europe?  

Did we the people also vote for a Democratic Senate to expand big government deficit spending with unprecedented influence over the economy? Or did we vote for a Republican House to focus on a free market economy creating more private sector jobs and a balanced federal budget?  

Does our re-elected president have the leadership to bring all of our elected officials with such diverse objectives together to continue America’s greatness by expanding the U. S. economy and influence locally and globally?  Or will he continue to blame Bush and the Republicans for potentially second term results similar to the first term?

Some of the diverse and sensitive issues that he will continue to face include jobs and the economy, more taxes versus spending cuts, deficit reduction and a balanced budget, defense and the Middle East, energy independence, immigration, plus medical and social programs funded by the government.He must provide leadership to the American people who have such diverse interests and perspectives as being free market entrepreneurs and employees versus government subsidies oriented. There are also race, class, age and sex differences that he must consider.

Will President Obama provide effective leadership?  Here’s hoping that he has the ability to stand up to a more challenging environment.

Paul Flood