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Letter to the editor
Enforce current laws, don't write new ones
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Forsyth County News

What is it with emotional individuals and elected officials responding to those individuals’ knee-jerk impulses? In this instance, I am referring to the collective stampede to make more laws regarding boating safety in response to some recent tragedies on Lake Lanier as reported in an article in the Forsyth County News this past Wednesday.

What makes people think more laws will solve the problem when we cannot enforce the laws we have, those same laws that did not prevent the referred-to tragedies in the first place? It is more of the same hysteria like the gun-control proposals with which we are inundated these days.

I live on Lake Lanier, and during the boating season I watch constant violations of our present boating laws. Where is the enforcement? The 200-foot-rule ...  you have got to be kidding! Come sit on my dock or boat with me and you will see the 100-foot-rule is a joke for lack of enforcement. This is not to mention the underage operators screaming around on jet skis. What are the parents thinking? I constantly see this real close to my home and I could go on.

The endless addition of laws is a waste of time. Education is the answer, but mandating that education will not work. It must be incentivized, and knowing laws will be enforced is certainly a strong incentive. Plus we must all realize and accept the fact that you can’t fix stupid. Accidents are going to happen, laws or no laws, and those who violate the laws we have will certainly violate additional laws that are made.

I implore us all to realize everything cannot be fixed by government and with more and more laws. Let’s get over it, hire and equipment more law-enforcement personnel to enforce the laws we have, and move on.

William Byers