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Letter to the editor
Democracy still strong in America
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Forsyth County News
This month across American, “We the People” exercised our rights granted under the strength of our Constitution, to try to effect a positive change within the political landscape of our nation’s future.

Arguably, there have been few elections ever held in recent times, which has encompassed as many critical factors, constantly weighing heavily upon both the minds and wallets of each American citizen. Thankfully, those drastic issues facing our country today, on all levels, proved to be a moving force in bringing the American people out, in record-breaking numbers to cast their vote.

Also, no less important, is the fact that our political system itself, has once again demonstrated by example to the world, that in spite of the far-reaching differences between our candidates and the parties they represent. It is still the obligation of each side, to conduct their campaigns, in a fair and non-violent manner.

For sadly within the world today, there are still those in power that would chose to impose their fanatical ideas on others. By shamefully and glaringly denying the constituents of those nations, through religious conflict and aggressive intimidation, their basic right to have a voice in the direction that they would like to see their country move forward in.

We as Americans, should be proud to know that after 200 years, the concept of the Democracy our founding fathers painstakingly pieced together, has withstood the fundamental changes the society it represents has gone through.

For there is no greater power granted to the people of any nation, than the one which we, the people of American’s voting public, have gotten to implement this week, and hopefully will, for many centuries to come.

May God bless our new president, and the great nation he now represents!

Lance F. Lenahan