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Letter to the editor
Opinion page options are all too conservative
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Forsyth County News

Once again I was disappointed to see your selection for Sunday’s Opinion page pieces reflect only one side of the issues of the day.

Aside from the benign folksy words of Julianne Boling, there was nothing that represented anything but a conservative view.

Time and time again, all your columnist choices as well as your cartoon choice on far too many day’s Opinion page remind me that I cannot rely on your newspaper to present a fair, balanced and complete selection of opinions. 

If I want a conservative opinion —you’re my newspaper! If I want to be informed of both conservative and progressive opinions I need to read the AJC or the NY Times.

Sadly, it appears that the Forsyth County newspaper chooses to pander to the majority conservative readership rather than to reach for something higher and give all of your readership thoughtful intelligent opinions to ponder on both sides of the news.



Marybeth Magallanes