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Letter to the editor
Progressive media have hurt nation
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Forsyth County News

In response to a letter in Sunday’s paper by Marybeth Magallanes, I believe she may be correct in stating that the Forsyth County News is, in general, a conservative paper, but to call the AJC and NY Times balanced is going a bit too far. 

Those “progressive” papers have one-sidedly helped lead us to the pitiful state we find ourselves in today! I don’t find the balance she speaks of in those papers, but rather a liberal viewpoint. 

How ironic that her letter is printed on Memorial Day weekend when we honor those who fought for our freedoms that are now being eroded daily due to a progression towards communism and the loss of our Constitution as we know it. 

Keep the conservative opinions coming our way!And keep Julianne Boling’s wisdom coming our way, too.


Michael P. Bennett