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Letter to the editor
Changing lake level needs more study
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Forsyth County News

The current proponents of raising the summer full pool level of Lake Lanier to 1,073 feet are well intentioned, but singularly focused without apparent consideration for other economic impacts to lake residents, businesses. As we’ve seen with Mother Nature recently, moving the lake level to the 1,073 level, beaches and recreation areas are decreased or underwater, unprotected banks are seeing potential erosion affecting water quality.

We are uncomfortable supporting this push to a full pool level of 1,073 without a comprehensive assessment of the full financial and quality of life impact to lake residents, businesses and all Georgians who depend on and enjoy the lake.

Regardless of any change to the “target” full pool level of the lake, the Corp of Engineers will manage it as they see fit within the charter they have been given. Georgians will have limited ability to influence the management of the lake except through public opinion and political pressure. With respect to new water sources for Georgia, of course overall cost is a significant consideration, but the ability of Georgia to control its water destiny should also be a significant consideration.

It is important that all views and opinions be expressed. It is even more important that all lake residents, lake businesses and Georgia lake lovers ask questions and fully explore the impact to everyone before tacitly accepting what may end up being imposed on all of us.


Ron and Jo Williams