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Letter to the editor
County should not pay for road repair
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Forsyth County News

According to the Aug. 29 Forsyth County News, the county is [offering to pay] half of the $172,000 cost to repair Sanders Road. I think the Mashburn family and the city of Cumming own the lake and breeched dam. The dam’s failure washed out Sanders Road. The culvert under Sanders Road was adequately sized to handle rainwater runoff so long as the dam did not fail. In the initial discussions about responsibility for damages to both the road and the lake cove, the Mashburns and the city were supposed to determine ownership and agree on who pays what percentage of damages. 

 The Mashburns made millions of dollars the past few years selling land to developers and local governments. In fact, I believe they sold the property across the street from the lake/dam which created the high amount of impervious surface mentioned in the article. 

I don’t have a problem with them selling the land but I do have a problem with them wanting to use my tax dollars to fix their problem. I am happy to see that Pete Amos has recused himself and believe that Brian Tam should as well. He rents his business property from the city and I don’t believe he is objective in this matter.  In fact, the article quotes him, “I think we ought to just go ahead and offer to split it with them and let them take it on as a project.”  Instead, the city and Mashburns should reimburse the county $15,700 for the emergency fix. 

I am pleased that Commissioner Boff voted against the county paying for repairs. I hope he continues to represent the best interests of the county taxpayers.

 Lastly, why are the Mashburns excluded from financial responsibility in repairing Sanders Road? Their dam caused the problem in the first place. I did not see their name mentioned at all in the article.



Sheri Gilligan