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Letter to the editor
Charging a fee at park wrong thing to do
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Forsyth County News

I am sending this in regard to the decision to “privatize” and charge a fee to play tennis at Fowler Park.  I, along with numerous other ladies, am absolutely outraged that you would “slip this through.” 

Our tax dollars paid for this facility and now we are to “pay to play.”  We pay a fee to have a team based out of the parks, and that is perfectly acceptable. However, being charged to drop by and play is not acceptable.  

Due to location and distance, Sharon Springs is our only other option. They only have eight courts and will not be able to accommodate the people being “run off” from Fowler. Also, the last two Saturdays at Sharon Springs, junior tournaments have been held and courts were not available. 

I, and no one else I know of, was aware this change was even being considered. It was kept very quiet and only after it appeared in the paper did we know. I can assure you that had ample advance notice been given, your meeting house would have been packed with protesters. What you did was not in the best interest of taxpayers. 

Let me also assure you that this change you made will be considered come election time!   


Vickie Whitaker