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Letter to the editor
Countywide voting for commission is better
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Forsyth County News

Before 2008 we all voted for all five county commissioners.

In 2008, Forsyth County had a “straw poll” on our Primary Election ballot asking if we should change to district only voting. This means that we can vote only for our one commissioner even though all five commissioners vote on every issue county wide.

With a low turnout, and in my opinion a lack of understanding the issue, the change passed. Then our state representatives and senators presented and passed the bill that made this change for Forsyth County.

After realizing that we lost the ability to vote on four of the commissioners, many now wish to change back.

District only voting is needed in counties where a section or ethnic community within the county is not being represented because their candidate could be defeated by the rest of the county.

Forsyth County is a homogenous county, our ethnic citizens are not in a specific section of the county, but live in all commission districts.

I like the concept of all five commissioners working for the best interest of the entire county, not just their one district. If they are all elected by the entire county they will serve the entire county. If they are elected by their district only they will be more likely to put the best interest of their one district over the best interest of the entire county.


Richard Ward