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Letter to the editor
It is time to demand a responsible government
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Forsyth County News

The current stalemate between the Republicans and Democrats over the health care law (Obamacare) and raising the country’s debt limited is still up for grabs. But an equally critical issue being raised by House Chariman John Boehner, is to find out the reasons that have created the need for raising the debt limit in the first place.

Why are we spending more money than we have? The reason is quite simple. Since Congress has failed to provide a budget for several years, there has been no ceiling or limit on what legislative bills can be passed. Most congressmen are guided by the natural inclination to keep their job, so they move to purpose legislation favored by their constituencies. It’s called “job security.”

So until there are major policy changes in how our government is regulated, we will continue to spend more than we have. And by raising the debt limit, without reductions and restrictions in approving legislation beyond our means, we will always be faced with having to increase our debt limit.


Fred Hodaval