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Letter to the editor
DMV facility reflects end result of poor planning
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Forsyth County News

I am an educator, and I am constantly teaching students to think their decisions through, and plan out their work to achieve success. How am I to educate any students to be a skilled, critical thinker when their leaders have set the bar of expectations so low?

[The state] has built a brand new DMV building in Cumming, but has obviously not thought this process through before they put it under construction. The building is simply too small and too understaffed to handle the sheer volume of services the surrounding population demands. To simply show them my marriage certificate and change the name on my license, I must sit through a minimum of two hours of waiting. In Florida, with a population twice our size, my maximum wait time was 20 minutes. This is totally unacceptable.

So the state government takes our tax money, requires us to use the DMV to fulfill legal obligations, but then constructs a building too small to serve the public with the level of respect the taxpayers deserve. Do these public officials not realize they are examples to the next generation?

 I expect a brand new building to be large enough to handle the demands for services for the volume of population in the local area. I expect low wait times, service with a smile, and some southern hospitality to thank the taxpayers for all they sacrifice to make this state successful. A larger building, more staff members, and a cup of coffee would go a long way in making the Cumming DMV a place of southern pride rather than an example of lack of forethought and disrespect.


Trisha Brown