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Letter to the editor
County spending too much money
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Forsyth County News
Greenspace is not inexpensive as it used to be. Our board of commissioners, I read, is prepared to spend $130,000 per acre for approximately 55 acres out of a 154 acre trac.

Then they make a statement that the price is a good deal for the county. My goodness.

The BOC also is considering giving a developer $1 million for their engineering plans for a mixed-use development in South Forsyth, and then paying $2.6 million to buy right-of-way to extend the road to this property for the developer.

That is not all, they also plan to enact a tax relief for approximately 10 years. Why do we have to pay for developers to come to our great county?

This will basically kill any employee pay raises next year and also will eliminate some jobs. Folks we are in a recession, have been since December 2007, but BOC continues to spend as usual.

Use of water is down considerably, which they ask the people to do, and guess what, they are raising the rates to offset the revenue that they would have made if we kept using as we usually do. Does that make sense?

Sid Barfield