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Letter to the editor
A reasonable plan for car companies
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Forsyth County News
We can’t bail out the car manufacturers (CMs) the way it’s being pursued. The CMs problem is that they can’t move product. People can’t afford to buy new cars no matter what the technology.

If our elected officials want to fix the problem, a win-win solution is;

• Have the CMs freeze and discount all MSRPs by 10 percent.  No gimmicks.

• Provide “bumper to bumper” warranties for five years or 100,000 miles.

• Give every taxpaying citizen the opportunity to use a $10,000 “voucher” toward the purchase of a new,  American corporate produced vehicle, with a cost of $50,000 or less. Insure that “low rate” financing is available for paying the balance of the purchase.

The CM’s then redeem the “vouchers” with the government. This becomes their “loan,” which they pay back to the government with specified interest rates and terms. This keeps product moving. It gives the taxpaying citizens an opportunity to purchase a new car while the economy is struggling.

This keeps the CMs labor pools and supply chains working – strengthening the economy overall, allowing investment in new technology and creative options for the current and future customer base

There have to be some rules with the plan.

• The use of “vouchers” has to be limited;

• Don’t limit the “voucher” use to any type of car, group of car, or class of car. It’s $10,000 and you can use it toward any new car purchase of $50,000 or less.

• Not valid for any “tax exempt” organization or person(s).

• Not valid for any non U.S.  Citizen.  

• Not valid for businesses or government agencies. 

• Not valid for those that are living based on government programs.

• Not valid for “resale” or “donation” purposes.

• Limit of one “voucher” per person, two max per household.

• Put a time limit on the availability of “vouchers,” such as two years. 

If a CM dealer bends the rules, breaks the rules, or “games” the system, immediately revoke all loan privileges associated with all vouchers they processed.

Steven Gronefeld