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Letter to the editor
Commission has trouble with numbers, facts
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Forsyth County News
I find it interesting that the county commissioners have difficulties with simple math, and telling the truth.

In the News, Jan. 11, 2009, an item appears regarding the increase in water rates, the first in “More than two decades.”

I seem to remember my rate increased from approximately $16 to approximately $27 about two years ago. I then applied for the senior’s discount.  Obviously there is a tremendous difference between two decades and two/three years.

The justification is “to cover the cost of providing service.” That leaves a lot to be considered. Within the past few months, I observed three trucks, an excavator, and four to five men, working on a water meter feeder leak on Daylon Drive. The project extended for more than four hours, during which no more than one man was working.  Also, one of the trucks, a 6500 Series Chevrolet was left running, I suppose to keep the cab cool for the operator when he decided to re-enter the vehicle.  I sent a complaint to the manager of the water department, but, since he/she never responded per my request, I assume the practice is accepted/encouraged.

I also note during the past two years property taxes have increased, although in a small amount. I inquired about this at the tax office and was told “a re-evaluation was done.” I may be incorrectly informed, but I seem to recall there was a freeze a few years ago. But, like government bodies tend to do, disregard what has happened and engage in legalized extortion to pay for foolish errors in judgment and management, ie. the poor commissioner who “had to have more office space,” or more expenses.

And, what sense does it make to worry about greenspace when people are losing their homes and ability to obtain food and health care.

It appears the commissioners, like other elected officials, are concerned more for self glory than performing the services for which they were elected.

I have said before, I could serve in many of those capacities for nothing more than expenses. I am comfortably retired and have no career to build. I am certainly no career politician.

Charles Roden