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Letter: With Trump, Christians are better off

In Dick Yarborough’s April 20 column, he condemned religious right wingers for our support of Donald Trump. I am one of those but prefer to call myself a Bible-believing follower of Jesus Christ. From previous articles by the above writer I think he would claim that also.

King David was called “a man after God’s own heart” and was an adulterer, a liar and a murderer. He was also Israel’s greatest king and given the honor being promised by God to have The Messiah come from his loins. I would guess God saw his heart and his repentance. Rehab was a harlot and is also in the line of Jesus.

With Donald Trump as president we are seeing prayer in the White House, support for Christmas, a commitment to honoring religious freedom, support for life and traditional families. Most evangelical Christians should agree with that. Most of us would like to see smaller government conservative judges and equal justice for all.

Since becoming president, I think Donald Trump has lived an exemplary life even though he has angered many who think he is not presidential.

If Donald Trump succeeds, Americans and Christians will be better off than we were before he became president.

Maybe Mr. Yarborough should listen to Jesus’ statement “whoever is without sin should throw the first stone”

Ralph Johnston