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Letter: Vote out the county commissioners soon

Thank Mr. Thomas for his recent “letter to the editor” [published Aug. 26] for promoting voting all of the [Forsyth] County Commissioners out of office as soon as possible to help stop the unlimited, poorly planned, continued growth that is doing major  harm to Forsyth County. 

Five people are making plans that I suspect over 75% of the workers and voters in the County do not want or appreciate. It is a great idea, but like many great ideas, hard to implement. 

Unfortunately, although the local newspapers list the projects, few folks read the papers these days. How can we communicate to the voters what needs to be done.

A. I would encourage local news to encourage readers and voters to communicate their feelings and have a special section of the paper to print them.

B. Encourage an intelligent group of citizens that are fed-up to actively run for and promote themselves as “intelligent growth” as Commissionrs. And while at it, make sure no lawyers, developers , or real-estate professionals are  not  elected.

C. Make the Planning Dept. develop “cost, pros, and cons” for every rezoning project and proposed development — publish it, and do it six months prior to going to the commission so all voters are aware of what is happening and being “planned — if you can call it planning” and not just rubber stamping what developers ask for, as soon as possible.  

Local news is bought by folks interested in local sports, local development, local education, and local finance/ taxes. 

Do not neglect any area, but put more emphasis on “development” — both pro and con details. 

To be honest, the city of Cumming and the Gainesville Commission are all out of control also.  

The recent article in the Gainesville Times on the Solis Projects in Gainesville are nearly criminal in how the city off Gainesville is basically giving away land, giving tax concessions up to 15 years and having no way to explain how the overall benefits will accrue to the taxpaers of Gainesville — the developer is raping and pillaging the tax payers of Hall County. 

Forsyth County needs its own intelligent watchdogs on development and elections are the best bet, but take too long unfortunately.

Frank Frederick

Gainesville, Forsyth County