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McCain best choice for small businesses
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Forsyth County News

I am a Forsyth County small business owner and resident.  I am writing this letter today on behalf of presidential candidate John McCain.

Now we are facing an election that will determine for the United States of America our economy, our source of energy, and our way of life.  If you are voting for Obama because of race then there is a whole lot more at stake here people. 

Obama wants to put additional tax burdens on small businesses.  I know first hand the overwhelming burden that small business owners have now. If you think these new tax liabilities won’t affect you, you are dreaming.  Small business owners will be forced to scale down to bare minimum employees equaling loss of jobs and job security.

Obama is correct about one thing it is the time for (positive) change.  

John McCain will support new energy solutions and new American oil drilling, all of which will create new jobs. John McCain is your candidate for change.

John McCain is a man of honor, experience and a man that we all can put our trust in.  This man has endured so much suffering in his life; it breaks my heart to know a man would be so selfless; he would almost die in a prison camp for his patriotic beliefs. Instead of applauding the only real candidate in this race you embrace an empty promise of change. 

George Bush didn’t create this mess we’re living in today. Go back and thank Bill Clinton with NFTA, and restrictions on domestic oil drilling.

Your current president is doing his best to fix the problems Clinton created for this great nation, and last but not least the terrorists.

Now you want to elect a man who has no military experience; you want changeso desperately that you would entrust our safety as a nation to this man. 

Wise up America you had a wake up call on Sept. 11.  What will it take for you to see the bigger picture? We need change and there is only one name on this ballot that could bring about positive change and that man is John McCain.

Angela Wright