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Northern Arc idea is no longer dead
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Forsyth County News

For those of you in Forsyth and Cherokee counties that thought the Northern Arc was dead, as stated by Gov. (Sonny) Perdue at a meeting in Forsyth County in 2003, you had better rethink this.

Included in the current project from GDOT SR20 Improvements, are alternates (limited access high speed freeways/truck routes), listed as options, building out portions of the much criticized and unwanted/not needed Northern Arc highway.

These alternates would be a new four to six lane highway that would be constructed through farmland, properties and subdivisions just like the Northern Arc would have done causing sheer destruction along the path it would take, and displacing many.

About 5 percent of the current stakeholders actually realize what is going on; most think GDOT is widening the existing highway. GDOT is saying they must look at options, the widening of 20 is something that has been anticipated for decades and would be the only viable solution to help with areas that experience congestion.

For more information, go to the GDOT website. There is also a large group of stakeholders educated on this project with opposition to any of the alternates through the heartland of these two counties. They are the Hwy. 20 Coalition; check out their website.

What would work from Canton to Cumming would be one the of two options proposed, strategy 1 or 2. S2 is the widening of the existing highway and it meets or exceeds all needs for this project with less need for eminent domain actions which would destroy homes and farms. S2 would cover the transportation needs for the corridor thru the end of the GDOT study period in 2040.

Construction of a new highway would increase air, water and noise pollution along with destroying wildlife and other negative impacts.

I live in Ducktown and the “Orange” alternate proposed through my community would be the actual route the Northern Arc would have taken. There are three alternates under review that would cut through the heart of my community and dissect my road.

Everyone needs to take action now. Time to let your voices be heard.


Jo Anne Leach