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Now its the CDC
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Forsyth County News

From the start of the Ebola crisis, the president and the CDC assured us, promised us that we had nothing to worry about. Ebola will not reach America.

There is no need to ban or restrict commercial flights to and from Western Africa. Ebola has now reached our country.

Well, no worry. The CDC is now taking the temperature of all passengers arriving here from Western Africa. Any “sick” passenger is then given additional test and possible quarantine.

Feel safe now? No...

Ebola virus takes up to 21 days before the infected person shows symptoms. Twenty-one days for that person go out in the public, possibly exposing others while having flu symptoms.

The CDC is now attempting to contact 132 passengers on a Frontier Airline the second nurse was on the day before she went to the hospital with a confirmed case of Ebola.

While all this is going on, do you realize that our country does not have a Surgeon General for over a year now? Would this crisis have gone this far if we had one?

Apparently, President Obama was been too busy with fundraising, taking selfies, playing golf and worrying to be concerned with this latest crisis.

The Democrats are now trying to blame the Ebola crisis on the Republicans, claiming the Republication budget cuts created this crisis. Let’s be very clear here. The budget cuts occurred during the sequestration cuts proposed by President Obama and signed by President Obama. 

The CDC budget actually increased 35 percent over the past 10 years. There is approximately $3 billion in the CDC budget. Only 6 percent of that budget has been allocated to fight Ebola. Our country is in trouble from within.   


Rob Murdock