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Observations on 2014 and 16 elections
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Forsyth County News

In 2014 Republicans will increase their control of the House, and gain control of the Senate, because our country still has enough people who recognize that freedom and capitalism provide a better environment than socialism. The majority of the news media supported [President Barack] Obama during the past election, [but] I think the real political power came from what can only be described as a racial bias voting by Americans who happen to be black/brown.

I would expect that the Republicans did not receive the same majority from predominantly white voter blocks.

That vote was split at about 60 percent/40 percent in favor of Romney, but the black vote was about 93 percent/7 percent Obama, and all other ethnic minorities were in the neighborhood of about 70 percent/30 percent in favor of Obama.

Obama and his team did a superb job with their financial, emotional and racial resources as they “got out the vote.”

That will not be the case in 2014 because Obama will have no “skin in the game,” and just as important, many of his supporters will have experienced his poor performance over the last eight years.

Thus, the turnout will be lower for all those groups who supported him. Especially if the Republicans can show the advantages of freedom from “big government.” Voices like Herman Cain, Thomas Sowell, and Ben Carson are needed badly. 

 The 2016 elections will evolve through various iterations depending on: economy; domestic and foreign relations. It is my hope that more black Americans will vote for the candidate who most closely represents their political ideology, and not just on their race.

If that can be the case, then we may have just turned the corner in becoming what Dr. M. L. King Jr. stood for: freedom to, not only, do your best for all Americans, regardless of creed, color or religion, but to be judged on those results by a population free to make their choices.

Some government is necessary; the difficulty is knowing where to draw the line.


J.W. “Buck” Hiles